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SCC-CM200DPLTK      $1849.95

This is our premiere Digital Track System.  This system is a complete solution for outfitting your race car with cutting edge digital radio technology.  When you combine our patented noise cancelling microphone with Motorola's enhanced audio processing, you end up with crystal clear communications in even the noisiest race cars.  Once this radio is set (volume and channel selection), it will turn on with the master switch allowing you to "set it and forget it" eliminating the chance of errors. 

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Motorola Mobile Radio System Car Racing

SCC-SCC2MPI       $134.95

SPEEDCOM introduces their new SCC-2MPI coaching intercom. This intercom can operate from your cars 12 volt system or 4 AA batteries. It features independent volume control for the driver and driver coach plus an audio output that you can patch into your video system to record the conversation in real time.

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