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Advanced technology is used in this headset designed for communicating with 6 other radios. THREE buttons are featured on each ear cup in order to communicate with 6 separate radios in 6 different locations. The 6 radios receiving communications can be on the same radio channel or different radio channels. 


This is the highest quality and lightest headset in the industry; it is designed for the ultimate comfort, durability, and clarity. The microphone is mounted on a flex boom and has a ratcheting style adjustment, to ensure the microphone remains in position, and it can be adjusted 180 degrees for both left and right microphone usage. This headset is designed to be used with Motorola XPR7550 radios.


  • 6 button push to talk to 6 separate locations
  • Ear cups made with 100% Carbon Fiber
  • 150ohm flex boom mic with excellent noise attenuation properties.
  • These come with the strongest cabling available ensuring minimal failures.
  • Weighs only 256g (9.03oz or .56lbs)
  • This headset must be plugged into the XPR7550 Motorola radio in order to communicate with radios in 6 separate race cars or 6 different radio locations.
  • Bluetooth capabilities to connect to cell phone, and premium noise canceling with the push of a button as used in the aviation industry.

PLEASE CALL 386-760-7110 for support if you have any questions and one of our friendly technicians on staff can answer any and all questions you may have.

Motorola 7550e / SCC-103MT Crew System

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