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Mototrbo™ R2 marries durability and ergonomics in a portable, two-way radio with superior range and audio.
A next-level workhorse, the Mototrbo™ R2 marries durability and ergonomics to ensure confident, easy handling. And with superior range, configurable audio and seamless integration, the R2 is a reliable addition to an uninterrupted workday.


  • All-Weather Confidence: Carrying an IP55 rating - and meeting Mil-Std-810 requirements across 11 environmental conditions - the Mototrbo™ R2 is designed to weather diverse work environments. Use with confidence in dusty factories, wet landscaping and more; and with ease, even while wearing gloves. Specially engineered to survive the bumps and bruises of an active workday, the R2's durability means confident, quick communication whenever and wherever you need it
  • Slim & Lightweight: No more dragging around clunky equipment - this radio is as light as it is tough, engineered to survive the harsh conditions of everyday business. Weighing less than 11 ounces with a high-capacity battery, the R2 endured a rigorous Accelerated Life Testing program (ALT), which stimulates up to 5 years of field use. And when connected to an audio accessory, the robust design extends to the dust cover, which rotates to match the slim contour
  • Full-Shift Life: The Mototrbo™ R2's slim, high-density battery - won't wear down before shift change. And the R2 won't catch you off guard; press the PTT button to see the LED light, which blinks red to signal a low battery charge state.
  • UHF, VHF
  • 64 channels
  • Single-site conventional
  • Extended Range Direct Mode
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Dual priority scan
  • Quick Call II / MDC1200 capable
  • Secure Enhanced Linux operating system
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Radio disable/enable
  • Remote monitor
  • Voice announcement
  • Loudness up to 101 phones
  • SINC+ noise suppression
  • Acoustic feedback suppression
  • User selectable audio profiles
  • Received audio leveling
  • Sleek & ergonomic form factor
  • Rugged to MIL-STD 810
  • IP55 (dust and water ingress protection)
  • 2 programmable buttons
  • Home channel reminder
  • Rental timer


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